High Quality Realtime Rendering for Cinema 4D

Key Features

Physically Based Rendering

U-RENDER uses physically based lights and materials to allow for realistic results in real-time. Use realistic light fall-offs and material properties like specularity and roughness textures to create stunning scenes.

Procedural UVs

Creating texture coordinates for all your assets can be a time consuming task. U-RENDER supports a large number of procedural UV texture coordinates so that you do not have to create uv-maps.

Multi-Pass Rendering

Ever wanted to bring your real-time renderings into your favorite compositing software to add some final touches? U-RENDER fully supports multi-pass rendering with custom passes for object and material IDs and all the usual suspects.

Looking for Tachyon Render?

You have found it! Tachyon Render was the project name for our real-time renderer. Now that we are ready to release it to a wider audience we had to give it a name that we could market to world-wide audiences. Welcome U-RENDER!

Not Another Renderer

We hear you! There is only so much time in a day to learn yet another renderer. U-RENDER solves a different problem though. It is not another ray-tracer or another un-biased renderer. It is a real-time renderer, like a game engine, though closely integrated into Cinema 4D.

Real-time Rendering

You know what is hardly real-time? Waiting for a noisy image to resolve until it allows you to make a judgment. We think of real-time rendering in similar terms that game engines do. Then we think about how to increase the image quality to broadcast quality levels.