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Download U-RENDER 2022.8

Includes plug-ins for Cinema 4D Version R20 to R26.

Please note

  • Please refer to the documentation for instructions on how to install U-RENDER or watch the Installation Guide Video.
  • Check the System Requirements for details about supported hardware, operating system and Cinema 4D versions.
  • All downloads are provided in accordance with the End User License Agreement.


Release 2022.8 mainly introduces a new licensing technology, in order to better match the licensing solutions of U-Render’s host applications. This new system behaves much as your host application’s licensing does and so will be more familiar and easier to manage.

U-Render’s new licensing solution is available in a new service pack (SP) of this current release, and all subsequent versions of U-Render. Earlier versions of U-Render will continue to work on the device they are activated on, but their licences will be locked to the current device.



  • [Lighting] Disc Area lights showed incorrect light bleeding for diffuse light. Fixed attenuation for disc area lights. (TACH-3058)

  • [NPR] Fixed a bug where lines would sometimes have gaps in form of rectangular patches. (TACH-3050)

  • Fixed a bug that caused transparent objects to stop working when a volume object was rendered in the same scene. (TACH-3048)

  • Fixed direction of motion blur being incorrect in some cases. (TACH-3035)

  • Fixed a bug where the focal length used for depth of field would be a lot higher than specified in the camera settings. When loading scenes saved with affected versions of U-Render, the f-stop of the camera is automatically adjusted to approximately match the previous look. (TACH-2975)

Cinema 4D Plug-in


  • Fixed crash when rendering to Picture-Viewer with U-Render immediately after C4D was started / scene was loaded (without starting the U-Render Viewport first) (TACH-3040)