Latest release 2022.8.10 SP1

Includes plug-ins for Cinema 4D Version R20 to Cinema 4D 2023.

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Please note

  • Please refer to the documentation for instructions on how to install U-Render or watch the Installation Guide Video.
  • Check the System Requirements for details about supported hardware, operating system and Cinema 4D versions.
  • All downloads are provided in accordance with the End User License Agreement.


Release 2022.8.10 SP1 introduces support for Cinema 4D 2023 along with improved stability and accuracy.

Additionally, this update improves the licencing system by allowing a larger time discrepancy between the licence server and the local device.

Known Issues

  • Occasionally, Cinema 4D 2023 may have problems (freezes) with tags created in previous versions of Cinema 4D. We found issues with the interaction tag and the simulation tags. Cinema 4D R26 (or below) tags can be removed and recreated in Cinema 4D 2023 as a workaround. In Cinema 4D 2023, creating these tags does not cause problems.


Changes and improvements

  • fixed an issue that could cause artefacts with subsurface rendering in rare cases (TACH-3070)

Cinema 4D Plug-in

New Features

  • added support for Cinema 4D 2023