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Release 2022.4 brings a brand-new package of features for Non-Photorealistic Rendering (NPR), Screen Space Global Illumination (SSGI), Multi-materials, Sharpening filter, an easy-to-use installer and a free assets library.

Non-photo-real rendering (NPR) focuses on enabling a wide variety of expressive styles for digital art. In its very first version, it offers many new features, such as color gradients, specularity, emissive, rim light, normal / bump, but also mask, displacement and overwrite lines. The lines drawn can be applied scene wide or on a per-material basis allowing enhanced artistic granularity on the style applied.
Screen Space Global Illumination (SSGI) allows creating a more authentic looking real-world lighting environment by adding indirect lighting within the screen view area.
Multi-materials helps to save time with cloned objects and numerous materials to manage.
Release 2022.4 introduces the sharpening filter as well. This helps for printed rendering, when details are needed to be shown. In combination with DOF the sharpening filter boosts the focused area reaching much more reality and eye-catching effects.
U-Render has also improved the installation process with an easy-to-use installer. Furthermore, this release offers Cinema 4D R26 support.


New Features

  • Non-Photo-Realistic Rendering
  • Screen Space Global Illumination
  • Multi-Materials with MoGraph Cloner support
  • Sharpening Post Effect filter

Cinema 4D Plug-in

New Features

  • Introduce U-Render License Management UI to the Cinema 4D plugin (TACH-2941)
  • Support for Maxon Cinema 4D R26

Changes & Improvements

  • Improved Startup performance of the embedded renderer. (TACH-2539)
  • Improvements to the render settings UI (TACH-2696)
  • Render Settings presets can be changed without having to stop and start U-Render. (TACH-2191)
  • Improvements to the material editor UI (TACH-2698)
  • Removed texture baking options for animated bitmap shaders. Bitmaps will always be used at their source resolution and image sequences will always be treated as animated. (TACH-2201)
  • Improved Material Converter: Diffuse layers from Cinema 4D Reflectance are converted to diffuse settings in U-Render. If no specular layers are present in Reflectance, reflectance is not enabled in the U-Render material. (TACH-2942)
  • Resized and moved icon shown for outdated material previews to be less intrusive (TACH-2733)
  • The Start U-Render command no longer is a toggle to start and stop U-Render. A separate Stop U-Render command is available. (TACH-2870)


  • Fixed an issue that showed dark spots on object borders in rare cases when using subsurface scattering with AMD graphics cards (TACH-2500)
  • On AMD cards, volumetrics sometimes rendered differently in the Picture Viewer than in the Viewport (TACH-2808)
  • Fixed a bug where the light icon wasn’t updated to the correct color, that was set in the U-Render light tag. (TACH-2695)
  • Fixed an issue where the depth of field radius would sometimes be inconsistent between the viewport and the picture viewer. Now the radius in the viewport is exactly how it appears in the render. (TACH-2856)
  • When loading a scene the material IDs of the loaded materials are taken into account when adding a new material. Avoiding accidental ID duplication. (TACH-2655)
  • When activating the Live-Mode, verify if the received result is actually for this active document. Previous render results are no longer shown. (TACH-2143)