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Release 2021.9 brings a Sheen Effect for Materials. Sheen simulates the lighting effect that is caused by small fibers or particles on surfaces. It allows you to achieve more realistic shading for many materials like cloth, rough leather, skin or surfaces with layers of dust or pollen.

This releases also introduces Cinema 4D R25 support and allows you to use textures from the new Asset Browser in U-Render materials and render settings.


New Features

  • Added Sheen to PBR materials (TACH-2387)

Changes & Improvements

  • Depth of Field: Improved sampling of Fast Bokeh and speed up with High Quality Bokeh when the Limit Blur Size is larger than necessary for the scene. (TACH-2354)


  • Fixed a bug where transparent materials might still have IBL enabled even though the respective flag in render settings was disabled (TACH-2414)
  • Fixed a bug where mesh updates could cause a crash. (TACH-2377)
  • Fixed a bug where clear coat was using flipped normals when rendering backfacing surfaces. (TACH-2365)

Cinema 4D Plug-in

New Features

  • U-Render materials can now use textures from the Cinema 4D Asset Browser. (TACH-2435)

Changes & Improvements

  • Textures were searched in non-document paths first when providing a relative path. Now the document path is searched first. (TACH-2412)


  • Fixed a bug which caused starting viewport rendering automatically when creating a U-RENDER material. Renderer now starts up, but stays in paused mode. (TACH-2445)
  • Fix texture UV coordinate flickering while object is modified (e.g. scaling a cube). (TACH-2463)
  • Animating Light’s type (“Type” parameter on object or U-Render Light Tag) might cause unexpected shifts in light intensity. (TACH-2484)