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Release 2021.6 brings a much-improved Depth of Field effect that now has better foreground and background separation and introduces the support for Bokeh. Both polygonal shapes as well as custom images are supported for Bokeh.

This release also includes additional HDR environment presets to provide more options for a quick light setup using image-based lighting.

With U-RENDER 2021.6 we introduce Cinema 4D S24 support and deliver the new DirectX viewport integration that allows for high-quality real-time rendering with the new DirectX viewport of Cinema 4D S24. The DirectX viewport integration is still in beta as we need test it across many different graphics cards and driver versions. Our extensive testing so far shows performance at the same level as the previous OpenGL viewport integration.


New Features

  • Improved Depth of Field with better foreground / background separation and support for Bokeh (TACH-1955)

Changes & Improvements

  • Refraction on transparent instances looked different from the original objects, as the refraction thickness was calculated differently. (TACH-2196)

Cinema 4D Plug-in

New Features

  • Support for viewport live mode with the new DirectX viewport of Cinema 4D S24
  • You can now choose a material texture resolution for the Cinema 4D viewport for U-Render materials
  • Three additional HDR environment presets

Changes & Improvements

  • U-RENDER light commands now respect shift and alt key modifiers to place the created light source as parent or child in the Object Manager (TACH-2184)
  • U-RENDER material presets are now also available from the U-Render menu in the Material Manager and from the Create menu (TACH-2226, TACH-1367)
  • U-RENDER materials now have an option to increase the texture preview resolution for the Cinema 4D viewport (TACH-2210)
  • The Volumetric Temporal Blend-Factor in the Dashboard now defaults to 50% to reduce flickering of volumetrics (TACH-2337)


  • Camera Clipping Plane values no longer reset to default values after turning them off and on again. (TACH-2219)Textures with color correction applied now reload properly when the file changes (TACH-2222)
  • Drag-and-dropping a HDRI image from the Content Browser to the environment render settings no longer cause a crash in Live mode. (TACH-2330)
  • Using textures from the Content Browser could result in a crash under certain conditions (TACH-2240)
  • Fixed pausing the viewport live mode in R20 causing a crash on AMD GPUs due to driver issues. (TACH-2213)
  • Fixed an issue in R19 and below, where only Omni light could be created from the U-Render light commands. (TACH-2256)
  • Fixed an issue where the Dashboard could remain invisible under certain conditions. (TACH-2224)
  • Fixed an issue that increased the file size of scenes when Live mode statistics were logged. (TACH-2291)
  • Fixed an issue where additional frames were rendered in the Picture Viewer when volumetrics were active, causing continued GPU load. (TACH-2273)