Ambient Occlusion Quick Tip Video

U-RENDER has two different screen-space ambient occlusion methods: Hemisphere Ambient Occlusion and Ground-Truth Ambient Occlusion.

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Clearcoat Quick Tip Video

U-RENDER’s clearcoat material layer allows you to quickly create realistic looking materials like car paint, varnished woods and coated metals and plastics.

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U-RENDER 2019.01.17 Available

This is a bugfix release. Please make sure you update both the renderer and the Cinema 4D plug-in.

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Substance Workflow Video

The Substance Workflow video shows how to make use of the Substance Designer integration with Cinema 4D to create physically based U-RENDER materials.

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U-RENDER 2019.01.15 Available

A notable new feature in this release is the addition of Ground Truth Ambient Occlusion. Furthermore, materials have received additional channel selection controls for textures and a number of bugs have been fixed.

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U-RENDER 2018.12.5 Available

U-RENDER 2018.12.5-beta is available for download now.

This is a bug-fix release and only affects the renderer.

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U-RENDER Early Access is Available Now

U-RENDER Early Access is Out Now!

Visit the Early Access information page for details.

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U-RENDER Beta 7 Available

U-RENDER Beta 7 (2018.12.02-beta) is available for download now.

This is a bug-fix release.

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U-RENDER moves to Early Access

U-RENDER Early Access provides a very cost effective version to establish high quality realtime rendering in production pipelines. The Early Access product will be “U-RENDER for Cinema 4D” and will include the U-RENDER renderer as well as the Cinema 4D host plug-in.

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