In U-RENDER 2020.7.6 (preview) we introduce full integration of U-Render into Cinema 4D.

U-Render 2020.7.6 is a major update that brings full integration of the real-time renderer into Cinema 4D. You no longer need the standalone renderer. (It is still available as an option though.)

With the full integration of U-Render into Cinema 4D you can now show the live rendering in the Cinema 4D viewport.


Changes & Improvements

  • [Lights] Activating single sided option on area light deactivated subsurface translucency (1821)

Cinema 4D Plug-in

New Features

  • The renderer is now included with the plug-in. No standalone renderer is required but can still be used optionally.
  • U-Render live preview is now fully integrated into the Cinema 4D viewport.

Changes & Improvements

  • [Materials] Bump channel was sometimes enabled on newly created materials (1809)

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