U-RENDER 2020.02.05 brings support for additional volumetric shadows for point and directional lights and improves correctness and performance.


New Features

  • Point Lights now can cast volumetric shadows (1518)
  • Directional Lights now can cast volumetric shadows (1466)
  • Improved performance and reduced memory consumption with volumetric shadows (1581, 1582, 1583, 1603)
  • Improved live mode performance with volumetric rendering (1651)

Changes & Improvements

  • fixed Hemispheric Ambient Occlusion artefacts in multi-frame sampling. HBAO is now rendered in each multi-frame, leading to slower rendering as side effect though. (1657)
  • Material preview scene now shows displacements (1666)
  • Improved consistency of volumetric density and shadows between live mode and final-frame render (1604)
  • Bump-map and normal map default sampling was set from linear to anisotropic to avoid shading artefacts (1652)
  • The shadow cascades for directional lights now updates when the scene bounding box changes (1668)
  • Standalone crashed on start-up when it encountered broken symlinks (1659)

Cinema 4D Plug-in

Changes & Improvements

  • plug-in now longer freezes when many overlapping polygon selections are used on an object (1622)
  • Negative zero (-0.0) values could cause scene object to always be re-sent to the renderer (1596)
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