U-RENDER 2019.06 introduces 360° spherical camera rendering. Additional features include improved physically based materials, overscan rendering and Live Mode dashboard improvements.

Quick Overview

  • Introducing 360° Spherical Camera Rendering
  • Improved physically based materials: Clear Coat now supports its own normal map layer
  • Improved Live Mode Dashboard: Added controls for Live View render resolution
  • Introducing: Overscan Rendering

360° Spherical Camera Rendering

U-RENDER Spherical Camera Rendering

  • Create videos for dome projections and planetariums
  • Create immersive experiences for events and shows
  • Stand out with 360° Images and Videos on Social Media (Facebook and Youtube)
  • Create Environment Maps for your Projects

Clear Coat Improvements

U-RENDER Clear Coat Improvements

Separate normal maps for the clear coat layer allow for

  • enhanced details in car paints - use separate normal maps for metal flakes and coating
  • use the clear coat to quickly create effects like water droplets
  • use different surface normal properties for base and clear coat layers

Dashboard Improvements

U-Render Dashboard Improvements 2019.06

The Dashboard now allows you to control your Live mode render resolution

  • use the viewport resolution (identical to the current behaviour)
  • use the render settings output resolution
  • use a custom resolution

The percentage setting allows additional quick control over the resolution.

Overscan Rendering

U-RENDER Overscan Rendering

Render additional image information outside the visible frame to improve screen space effects like:

  • screen space reflections
  • ambient occlusion
  • refraction of transparent object at image borders
  • bloom
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