A notable new feature in this release is the addition of Ground Truth Ambient Occlusion. Furthermore, materials have received additional channel selection controls for textures and a number of bugs have been fixed.

U-RENDER Renderer

New Features

  • [1136] - New Improved Ambient Occlusion Method (GTAO)

Ambient Occlusion Comparison


  • [1194] [1196] [1198] - Fixed artefacts with screen-space reflections in certain situations
  • [1190] - screen-space reflections do not render at certain render resolutions
  • [1170] - GPU system information is working again
  • various other fixes and improvements

U-RENDER Cinema 4D Plug-In

New Features

  • [1136] - Added Settings for new GTAO Ambient Occlusion


  • [1163] - added texture channel selections for Transparency (Opacity and Blurriness), Reflectance Glossiness/Roughness and Bump Height


  • [1149] - Live Mode: wrong synchronization of light visibility when multiple lights are selected
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