U-RENDER Beta 5 (2018.11.03-beta) is available. This release is light on features but brings many fixes and improvements. We are also working on better animation support and motion blur in parallel.

New Features

  • [1126] - Support for Camera Film Offset


Cinema 4D Plug-In

  • [1029] - UI: Disabled Texture Settings (Brightness, Contrast, Gamma, Invert) when no Texture / Shader was used
  • [1118] - Materials with Baked Shaders on Polygon-Selections did not Update


  • [1128] - Differences between Multi-Pass Composition and Single Pass (Screen Space Reflections were missing from Multi-Pass)


Cinema 4D Plug-In

  • [1101] - Fixed Crash when changing a U-RENDER Material in a Take and then switching back to Main Take
  • [1130] - Fixed Crash with Greyscalegorilla HDR Studio Plug-In when Studio Rig was selected in Live Mode.
  • [1132] - Multi-Pass Diffuse Result was Saved with Alpha = 0 and seemed Empty
  • [1133] - Transparent Backgrounds yield strange result with Alpha Composition (in R19 and R20 only)
  • [1144] - Disabling / Hiding Lights in not synced to Renderer in Live Mode


  • [1129] - Fixed Bloom Artefacts on AMD Cards
  • [1120] - Fixed Black Artefacts with Screen Space Reflections when Rendering to Picture Viewer


  • [1099] - Switching Render Modes in Live Mode crashes Renderer
  • [1138] - Implemented GPU Time Profiling
  • [1140] - Improved internal Scene Storage

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