U-RENDER Beta 4 (2018.10.07-beta) is available. New features are initial support for Cinema 4D R20 Multi-Instances, initial implementation of a material Clear Coat layer as well as a range of improvements and fixes.

New Features

  • [940] - Initial Support for Cinema 4D R20 Multi-Instances
  • [1102] - Initial Clear Coat Material Implementation


  • [1056] - Show Error Message when U-RENDER cannot start due to OpenGL error (e.g. not meeting minimum requirements)
  • [1063, 1065] - Improved Framebuffer handling to reduce memory consumption
  • [1100] - overall improvements to data synchronization


  • [1054] - Array Generator does not respect visibility settings with render instances
  • [1072] - Bump / Normal Map Shading errors on polygons that have been extruded several times
  • [1090] - Background Color is not synchronized in Live Mode
  • [1113] - Temporal issues with Hi-Z pass (Hi-Z visibility used for screen space ray-traced reflections)


  • started work on better animation support and motion blur
  • improvements to profiling

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