U-RENDER Beta 7 Available

U-RENDER Beta 7 (2018.12.02-beta) is available for download now.

This is a bug-fix release.

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U-RENDER moves to Early Access

U-RENDER Early Access provides a very cost effective version to establish high quality realtime rendering in production pipelines. The Early Access product will be “U-RENDER for Cinema 4D” and will include the U-RENDER renderer as well as the Cinema 4D host plug-in.

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U-RENDER Beta 6 Available

U-RENDER Beta 6 (2018.12.01-beta) is available for download now.

Beta 6 comes with Motion Blur support for camera and object motion, a first basic User Interface and Online License Activation (no more handling of license text files).

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U-RENDER Public Beta Comes to an End

As U-RENDER is entering its Early Access phase we are closing the registration for the public beta on 16. December 2018. We thank all our beta testers for their feedback and suggestions!

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U-RENDER Beta 5 Available

U-RENDER Beta 5 (2018.11.03-beta) is available. This release is light on features but brings many fixes and improvements. We are also working on better animation support and motion blur in parallel.

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U-RENDER Beta 4 Available

U-RENDER Beta 4 (2018.10.07-beta) is available. New features are initial support for Cinema 4D R20 Multi-Instances, initial implementation of a material Clear Coat layer as well as a range of improvements and fixes.

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Optimizing Shadows Video Guide

Shadows can be tricky to adjust at times. So we created a quick tutorial that shows how to adjust your shadow map settings and how to fix most common shadow artifacts.

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U-RENDER Beta 3 Available

U-RENDER Beta 3 (2018.09.07-beta) is available. New features are support for the Background Object - including compositing tag support, as well as a range of improvements and fixes.

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Abstract Drops Workflow Video

In this video we show you the basic workflow with U-RENDER. We create this scene from scratch and go through all the steps necessary to create the scene.

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