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Do you use NPR for Logo Design?

U-Render Non-Photoreal (NPR) in combination with OpenVDB and MoGraph is a powerful tool for a lot of things, even logo design.

Having a creative mindset requires you to think outside the box. It’s a great exercise to always try something new and to stimulate your creativity.

U-Render has been created by artists for artists and here we never stop to think outside the box. That is why today we offer you a creative combination of tools for your logo design.

Tips for Logo Design with NPR

Since NPR allows for a wide variety of expressive styles for digital art, it could be a perfect ally for any kind of scene, even when creating logos.

When you combine it with OpenVDB and MoGraph, you will have a powerful tool for a lot of things, and thinking outside the box actually turns this combination into a great and hassle-free tool to create logos. U-Render’s Non-Photorealistic Renderer creates toon shading including lines that work in real-time, which is perfect for boolean like operations of the OpenVDB tool in Cinema 4D. 

You’re adding objects or subtracting them from your setup and the lines are created immediately around the new shape. So instead of working with time-consuming vector applications where spline points need to be placed perfectly, you can use the accuracy of the MoGraph cloner and the “melting objects together” like behavior of OpenVDB. 

This way you can also create logo designs by just adding more and more objects, changing parameters and subtracting any object to surprise yourself with shapes that you probably didn’t have in mind. The possibilities are endless. 

The toon shading look is gradient based and fully customizable. Use the typical toon shading or combine the powerful lines of U-Render with a PBR material. It’s up to you depending on the kind of look you want to achieve. Of course the line color and thickness are also customizable to your needs. The difference between this and traditional logo creation is that it does not require 2D and static images. At any time you can add depth to your logo and on top of that create a stunning looking animation.

Watch this showcase and download your trial version here.


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A time-saving trick 

The best and most exciting news is that everything in U-Render works in real-time

No more waiting for your rendering. You are designing directly in the viewport while the look you try to achieve is already visible while working. This is the powerful real-time engine of U-Render which lets you work faster and gives you the benefit of more iterations during your design process.

What is NPR?

The U-Render real-time Non-photorealistic Rendering (NPR) is a full-package of features to create toon shading-like scenes. NPR materials are used for any kind of abstract style that is not forced to have physical-based rendering materials: Toon style with gradient and lines.


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