Release 2022.4 News

Ultra-fast with lots of new features

Release 2022.4 brings SSGI, NPR and much more.

We are excited to introduce you to U-Render 2022.4!

While the U-Render developers are working on integration with new host applications (yes, Maya is coming!) and macOS for Cinema 4D, this update introduces new features to unleash your creativity. 

Non-photorealistic rendering (NPR), Screen Space Global Illumination (SSGI), Multi-materials, Sharpening filter, an easy-to-use installer, a new asset library and improvements to the overall workflow will give you a better real-time rendering experience.

To find out the changes and improvements we implemented in this latest update, just keep reading this article.

Enlarge the horizons of your creativity with a different style!

Is your toon tool too slow for your standards? Or are you just fed up with always creating physical-based renders? 

The U-Render real-time NPR features package offers you many functions. Color gradients, specularity, emissive, displacement and overwrite lines are just some of them. Discover more here.

NPR Release News
Viking character in PBR and NPR compared.

NPR focuses on enabling a wide variety of expressive styles for digital art. This gives you the possibility to create more stylized scenes like cartoon shading. 

The lines drawn can be applied scene wide or on a per-material basis allowing enhanced artistic granularity. 

Release 2022.4 introduces the first NPR version, the next phase is already in development. 

Is NPR also working in real-time? 

Of course, it is! Watch it in action and start creating your NPR scenes, by following the easy steps explained in this tutorial.


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U-Render’s feature set keeps on growing and NPR is just one of the new items in this latest update. Want to know more? Read further.

Light up your images 

Screen Space Global Illumination (SSGI) is finally here. 

SSGI helps you create a more authentic looking real-world lighting environment by adding indirect lighting within the screen view area. 

SSGI Internal design
Internal design scene made with SSGI in real-time with U-Render. Model courtesy by Evermotion, kindly provided by Turbosquid.

The images look vivid and more alive – due to diffuse light interaction. The most common use of SSGI is the lighting of interior design scenes, but we find that it works efficiently also in more abstract ones. Don’t you agree?

Abstract SSGI scene spaceship corridor
Spaceship corridor made with SSGI in real-time with U-Render.

SSGI is dependent on direct light sources and emissive materials. Watch the following quick tip to learn more.


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U-Render 2022.4 is the best way to create great renders without leaving Cinema 4D.

U-Render is fully integrated within Cinema 4D. Live sync between the host application and renderer eliminates the need for data conversion and optimization. 

Why learn another complex tool? No complicated data exchange required: You can continue working in your favorite 3D application in real-time.

The development of new plug-ins for other 3D applications is in our pipeline.

Endless possibilities for your creativity

Multi-materials is another new feature in the latest release of U-Render. Extremely easy to use, it saves time when working with cloned objects where there are numerous materials to manage. 

Multi-materials LED wall
LED wall made with Multi-materials in real-time.

The new additions introduced by this update do not end there.

From now on, you can benefit from a new library of assets. The asset library is rich, versatile and will be a great benefit in any project with diverse and ready-to-use components. Download it here.

Release 2022.4 introduces the sharpening filter as well. This helps for printed rendering, when details are needed to be shown. In combination with DOF, the sharpening filter boosts the focused area reaching much more reality and eye-catching effects.

U-Render also offers Cinema 4D S26 support, to go along with the latest developments of Cinema 4D.

Last but not least, U-Render has improved the on-boarding process with a user-friendly installer. The installation of the real-time software is now greatly simplified.

The advantage of real-time technology is the immediacy of feedback you receive while creating. Instant results are delivered every time you make a change, boosting your creativity and accelerating your decision-making. 

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