Success story

Last-minute client changes

How motion design studio solved the issue of last-minute clients requests.

A couple, a creative agency, a house: TRACKEN studio is more than a company, it’s a real life project, based on passion and will of innovation. Headquartered in Bilbao, Gurutze and Eduardo González have been working together in digital art for 9 years.

“We love experimenting and innovation! Our visuals are the result not only of study, but above all of our emotional involvement in the project, we are working on.” – TRACKEN studio

Gurutze and Eduardo take part in the creation of projects in which they offer technical advice. Their work is not only limited to consultancy, but it practically involves them in the creation. In particular, for video mapping projects, they need to have a direct contact with materials and spaces. They sit in front of a building to know its history and its surroundings. Then they start to imagine the animation they will create.


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Spiral Goblin animation by TRACKEN studio

Live cultural events and artistic performances are the main projects, where the professionalism and the competence of the Spanish couple are requested.

The relationship between render times, work quality and customer needs is the most complex crossroads in their workflow. While they were able to manage render quality and speed for a while, they found out that sometimes when working on some events, there were unforeseen hitches.

Last-minute changes

These types of rush occurrences could generate a bottleneck on ideas, timing, and results.

“It was clear that we were facing a challenge. We had to find a way to respond to last-minute contingencies by improving our render times. But we need to avoid losing quality or making investments in hardware or render farms that were out of our reach.” – Eduardo of TRACKEN studio

The turning point

Saving time and accelerating the decision-making process were their priorities. Real-time rendering looked like their solution.

They started hearing about U-Render in the very early beginning, when the real-time software was still named Tachyon renderer. They decided to bet on U-Render in October 2019. Today, U-Render is their first creative choice.

Immediate feedback and no waiting times for renderings permit them to do changes at the very last minute without losing quality.


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Meccano Horse by TRACKEN Studio

But U-Render showed its advantages also on other occasions.

In Summer 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic, they were able to manage a customer project from remote, by working and adjusting the scenes in real-time via video conferences.

“It was simple, fast and very productive. We used the power of real-time to change lighting and make technical decisions with our customer via video conference. What a great surprise!” – Gurutze of TRACKEN studio

Real-time permitted them to improve and evolve their workflow also during this difficult time.

Currently, the Spanish couple invests a lot of time in education, by working as trainers in the Master of Graphic Design at the INEDI Design School of Bilbao, where they also introduced real-time rendering technology to their students.

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