How real-time improved my business Success story
Success story

How real-time improved my business

Motion designer on his experience with matching deadlines.

Argo a 2D/3D motion designer from Indonesia has been working for television, digital marketing agencies and as a freelancer, for around ten years. He currently is founder and owner of Alterego Visual.

The big change of his career came a few years ago, while being frustrated about rendering times and low results with basic CPU renderers. That’s when he decided to invest in his workflow.

We talked with Argo about his past, present and future. Here’s what he told us.


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“Jump into the Blue”

Tell us three points of frustration you faced in your career

Argo: Reflections, volumetrics and rendering times. 

My passion for 2D animation, 3D set and key animations began at the age of 24 when I started working in Cinema 4D as a freelancer for several companies. In that time I was used to render my artworks with the standard CPU renderers.

My workflow got stuck because volumetrics and reflections did not perform as I wanted. In addition, the time required to render was really too much. For every change, I needed a lot of time and patience.

The time I was losing with my renderings defined how much I was able to be competitive on the market. Business does not wait. So I made a decision.


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“Beach Life”

Which options did you take into consideration?

Argo: As a professional in Cinema 4D, I did not want to change the software, so I tried the main GPU rendering engines. Even though the performance improved, time was still an issue. The workflow was still too slow for my productivity.

I searched for real-time rendering solutions, but still with a little skepticism at the beginning. I did not want to start learning a new tool from scratch, and a game engine requires a lot of effort to get started.

In that time, the development of a new promising tool was sort of a light at the end of the tunnel for me. U-Render offered a real-time rendering experience and a full integration into Cinema 4D, permitting me to not abandon my favorite tool.

Getting introduced to real-time rendering was not complicated, and results were immediately visible.

Your TOP 3 features of U-Render

Argo: One of the main topics of my artworks is nature: Subsurface scattering really helps me to make the organic surfaces look alive in my works. 

Volumetrics make my scenes look more dramatic.

Last but not least, I appreciate a lot the performance of Ambient Occlusion in U-Render because it uses screen-space AO that can be adjusted in real-time, in order to add soft contact shadows for more realistic lighting.


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Nissan Terra

Would you recommend U-Render to other artists?

U-Render fulfilled my needs and goals in my work. Saving time and creating stunning looks: Happy clients and happy artists.

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