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The Step-by-Step Guide You Need

Need to reduce friction in your creative process?

Finally, the step-by-step guide that allows you to enjoy the potential of U-Render and achieve high-quality results in real-time.

If your goal is to try real-time rendering, but you fear the complexity of learning a game engine, no problem: You are in the right place.

U-Render’s real-time technology boosts your creativity, by reducing annoying waiting times in the rendering process.

Its full integration into Cinema 4D eliminates the need for cumbersome data conversion and optimization, and above all it permits you to keep your usual workflow, by working with your favorite tool.

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Getting started with U-Render

In our user manual, you can already find a short guide to get introduced. Nevertheless, to support you in the very first steps in real-time rendering, we made a whole series of tutorials about how to achieve immediate rendering results.

Every Tuesday from the beginning of October to the end of November 2021, we are going to post a tutorial video about a specific topic, helpful for both beginners and experienced users. After following this series, you will be able to enjoy the potential of U-Render, having fun.

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U-Render allows you to create amazing scenes in different styleseye-catching animations and convincing visualizations. But, above all, it enables you to make changes during meetings and show final frame results for instant decisions, in front of your clients.

U-Render Fundamentals: What’s to expect?

Each video deals with a particular topic or features you need to know, if you want to use the full potential of U-Render.

Here is the list of themes:


If you like surprises, just scroll down to the next paragraph.

1 Lighting
2 Materials
3 Post-processing & Effects
4 Camera
5 Dashboard
6 Multipass
7 Volumetrics

In order to help you to easily follow the steps, you can use the example scene we offer as free download on our website.

Just go to downloads, scroll down until you see the cute dragon and click the link under it.

Let’s jump in!

Before starting watching the tutorials, download your free 30-day trial here.


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