U-Render Release Announcement Sheen

Let’s Sheen your Fabrics

Release 2021.9 brings sheen effect for materials.

U-Render Release 2021.9 brings you a new feature in real-time, the support for Cinema 4D R25 and fancy improvements.

When speaking about materials, there is a huge, infinite amount of types, features and possibilities. Mentioning Sheen, we immediately think of textiles and clothes.

Why? Sheen simulates the lighting effect that is caused by small fibers or particles on surfaces. It basically allows you to create realistic shading for many materials like fabrics, skin or surfaces with layers of dust or pollen.

Why Sheen? The U-RENDER team work to keep the real-time dream growing. We constantly work on implementing new features, new plugins and more improvements. This feature is extremely beneficial to all character designersmotion designers and digital artists that want to achieve a realistic touch on surfaces.

u-render sheen cloth simulation

Damask fabric pillow with Sheen Effect (model from cg-trader by Khachatur, texture from substance source).

Not Only Textiles

Sheen is a very useful light distribution function because it reproduces the behavior of lighting on certain materials in real life.

Light is not always spread across the surface in a smooth way, but also in microscopical structures, like fine filaments or hairs, typical of fabrics. Sheen can also replicate a layer of dust on a metallic surface.

u-render sheen other surfaces

Examples of different materials with Sheen Effect (Antelope skull model from cg-trader by HQ3DMOD, vases and branches model from cg-trader by bentanji3dmodels).

Sheen is such a versatile feature that also can help you in abstract scenes and every time you need to spread the light in a different way. Medical visualization is definitely another area where sheen’s all-round flexibility is very much appreciated.

u-render sheen abstract
u-render medical visualization

Sheen used in an abstract scene and in medical visualization.

Sheen is implemented with energy conservation and will darken the diffuse light reflection. For this reason, we recommend you to add at least one direct light source like Omni, Spot, Infinite or Area light in the scene. For more technical details, we suggest to take a look at the manual.

Sheen is suitable for materials with microscopic hairy surface, like a peach.

The materials you can boost with sheen are clothes, textiles like wool, cotton, velvet, damask fabric and all the other materials that have a microscopic hairy surface, like some types of leaves, skin, cells etc.

u-render sheen

Textile samples with Sheen effect in real-time (Textures from Substance Source).

How does Sheen work in real-time?

Watch the following quick tip to learn how to use Sheen in U-RENDER.


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Cinema 4D R25 Integration

Release 2021.9 also introduces Cinema 4D R25 support and allows you to use textures from the new Asset Browser in U-Render materials and render settings.

General Improvements

A release is always a good opportunity to improve the overall workflow and solve some issues.

Discover all the details of this update here.

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