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New opportunities

Migrating from OpenGL to DirectX. Why is so important?

The migration from OpenGL to DirectX opens new opportunities for the future.

The future is one of the reasons why we decided to switch APIs: Looking at it with the will of growing, improving and giving you the best real-time rendering experience possible.

DirectX is constantly developing and optimized for modern GPUs and multi-threading.

Benefits for 3D Artists

How does this migration affect your daily work with U-Render?

First, we expect better performance by more low-level access to hardware and better multi-threading support.

Low hardware requirement is already one of our strengths, but it will improve. Can you imagine working on your artworks in your favorite place? Well, with U-Render it’s already possible and with DirectX, it will be even better.

In addition, the new APIs will allow us to support exciting new technologies like real-time ray tracing, but also mesh shaders, variable shading rates, sampler feedback and integration with new APIs like DirectML (machine learning) and DirectStorage (fast I/O).

Last but not least, DirectX will have continued support from Microsoft and hardware vendors like AMD, NVIDIA and Intel.

What’s next?

Of course, we keep developing U-Render, working on new plugins and making improvements. Take a look at our roadmap here.

Stay tuned!

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