U-Render Release DOF

Depth of Field release

Release 2021.6 brings Depth of Field and much more.

The Good, the Beta and the Bokeh

The good news is that U-Render keeps growing! With this latest release, we give you a much-improved Depth of Field effect, that now has better foreground and background separation. A great advantage of this improvement is the support for Bokeh: Both polygonal shapes and custom images are supported for Bokeh.

Now, you can also enjoy additional HDR environment presets that provide more options for a quick light setup using image-based lighting.

And last but not least, with U-RENDER 2021.6 we introduce Cinema 4D S24 support and deliver the new DirectX viewport integration (as beta), that allows fully-integrated high-quality real-time rendering.

Enhanced Depth of Field

U-Render robotcat dof

Robot Cat with the improved DOF (Model courtesy by Sketchfab)

First, let’s refresh some definitions. Depth of field allows you to direct the focus of the viewer to the most important part of the scene that you want to highlight.

DOF is one of the most important tools at your disposal to reduce sharpness in your images. If you consider that DOF in U-RENDER works in real-time, you can already imagine the great advantage you get. Every kind of change is immediately visible, and you can refine and adjust the focus of your scenes, without interruptions or waiting times.

Knowing how to make some parts of your image sharp and out of focus is a helpful skill to achieve stunning results.

Now, you can count on DOF Better Foreground / Background separation and Bokeh.

The Foreground / Background separation is an inherent attribute of Depth of Field. It means when the background is unsharp, the foreground is sharp and so separated from the background. The biggest benefit of this tool is achieving more realism in your scenes.

With the Bokeh effect, the lens is refracting different colors in various ways and causes color displacement. You can use it as shapes like circle and polygon, or the colored Bokeh textures, that permit you to change the entire look of your renderings.

u-render fast bokeh-mp

Fast Bokeh

How real-time Depth of Field works in U-Render?

Now it’s your turn! Directly, try the benefits of the enhanced DOF, by following the easy steps explained in this tutorial.


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More HDR environment presets

This release also includes three new HDR environment presets that you can find in the viewport: render settings > environment tab > global map > presets.


The new HDR environment presets are available in a drop-down menu.

Autumn Woods, Cold and Warm Areas and Colored Bubbles are the new environment maps you can add to your scene to have a quick light setup, nice reflections and image based lighting. The Wood environment was already available and stays at your disposal in the setting.

Overall improvements

As usual, a release is always a good occasion for us to fix some issues and improve the overall workflow.

Through this latest release we improved In the Cinema 4D Plugin, the U-Render light commands now respect shift and alt key modifiers, to place the created light source as parent or child in the Object Manager.

The material presets are now available also from the U-Render menu in the Material Manager and from the Create menu. Furthermore, materials now have an option to increase the texture preview resolution for the Cinema 4D viewport.

But that’s not all! Discover all the details of this update here.

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