Release 2021.1.3 News

Release 2021.1.3

UX improvements available.

U-RENDER release 2021.1.3 (stable) introduces user experience improvements.

Intuitive and beneficial

The focus of this last update is the improvement of the quality of life in the Cinema 4D full integration.

How? A new possible layout, a smart material presets and issues solved.

Why? We improved the user experience of U-RENDER, in order to give you the best and fastest real-time rendering experience possible.

Find out the changes and improvements we implemented in this last stable release, just keep reading the article.

Release 2021.1.3 News
News in the viewport

A new layout

Thanks to our Quality Team and the researches we did in the last months, we created an outline that permits you to work totally stress-free with U-RENDER.

In the new layout you will notice that the text of the user interface is clearer and the viewport has now the support to work in live mode.

Furthermore, we improved the default values for render settings, materials, lights and camera tag. Your workflow is more streamlined and you have less necessary steps to achieve a better looking render result.

In addition, the new shortcut commands permit you to create light sources with U-RENDER tags already attached. The new layout can be deactivated and the classical one could be easily restored, whenever you want.


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Smart is better

Ready-to-use material types can be easily and quickly adjusted with the new materials presets. They reduce the number of parameters that need to be tweaked, which is why we call them smart!

Materials are now correctly assigned when switching the material preview scene and material previews are rendered even when live mode is on.

Furthermore, you have now a large amount of possibilities to create your favorite material, because it’s available for different material types like gold, glass, glossy plastic, metallic paint, rough metal, chrome, dark rubber. Your objects are even more accurate and realistic now.

Last, but not least, by applying a U-RENDER material to a selection, you can create a selection tag.

Changes and improvements

As usual, a release is always a good occasion for us to fix some issues and improve the overall workflow.

In release 2021.1.3, for example, we improved the interaction between volumetrics and screen space reflections and GPU shaders are now compiled in parallel to reduce the starting time of the renderer. But that’s not all!

Discover all the details of this update here.

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