Release 2019.11

Introducing real-time Volumetric rendering.

Release 2019.11 introduces real-time volumetric rendering which enables visual stunning effects like atmospheric haze, fog and participating media.


Dedicated Volume Objects allow for easy control over placement of volumes and properties like density and scattering. Animated, procedural 3D noises and gradients allow for full creative control over the appearance of volumes.

Lights have been enhanced with settings for volumetric light contribution and individual shadow behavior. Control how objects cast shadows inside volumes. Volumes themselves can be self-shadowing and cast shadows into the scene on a light by light basis.

Volume object

Volume Objects

Use volume objects to easily control the placement of your volumes. Settings for density and scattering result in distinct looks for each volume. Choose between a volume layer or a cube. Each volume object comes with additional controls for volume noise.

Volume Noises

Control the volume’s appearance using animated, procedural 3d noises for density. Parameters like octaves, contrast and gradients give you substantial flexibility. Additional settings for animation and transformation invite you to experiment with limitless possibilities.

Volumetric Light

Individually control which lights contribute to the volumetric lighting. Light and shadows from all direct light sources like spotlights, point lights, directional lights and area lights are calculated.

Volumetric Shadows

Not only can lights cast shadow into volumes, but volumes are able to cast shadows onto themselves and onto objects in your scene as well. Use this feature for moody images and incredible atmospheres.

(Volume shadows are only supported for spotlights in the initial release)

Release 2019.11 in details:


New Feature

  • Volumetric Rendering with support for volume objects and volumetric noises
  • Shadows now interact with transparent objects (1399)

Changes & Improvements

  • Improved shadow cascade fitting (1549)
  • Improved performance and VRAM usage with single sided area lights (1421)
  • Showing used VRAM and peak VRAM use in the statusbar (1359)
  • Showing an warning icon in the status bar if there are OpenGL errors (1359)


  • various improvements to hardware specific behavior for both AMD and NVIDIA (1519)
  • fixed crashes, when loading large HDR images (1359)

Cinema 4D Plug-in

New Features

  • Added render settings for volumetric rendering
  • Volume Object with layer and cube mode and support for 3d noise
  • Volumetric Shadow options to light tag

Download it here.

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