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Does U-RENDER support spline/hair rendering?

Right now the renderer does not support spline rendering, but we’re working on it!

Does U-RENDER support 360/180° spherical cameras?

Yes, U-Render supports 360° spherical camera rendering. Visit our Cameras page for more information.

Is this a replacement for the Cinema 4D viewport?

No, U-Render integrates as third-party renderer into Cinema 4D. It is not a replacement for the viewport but the live mode renders in real-time to the viewport. You can render your scenes using your familiar rendering workflows in Cinema 4D.

Is U-RENDER a GPU or CPU renderer?

U-Render is GPU-based. It uses rasterization, like game engines, to achieve render times within seconds. Both AMD and NVIDIA cards are supported.

Lights and Shadows

Does U-RENDER support volumetric lights?

Yes! U-Render supports volumetric rendering. Use volume objects and volume noises to define your participating media volumes. Lights and objects cast shadows into volumes and volumes can cast shadows as well. Visit our Volumetrics page.

Does U-RENDER have Area Shadows?

We have soft shadow maps right now and are continuously researching high quality shadow algorithms to provide high-quality results. Check out our Shadows page.

Materials and Shaders

Will U-RENDER support Cinema 4D shaders / materials?

U-Render requires its own materials as it is a real-time renderer. Cinema 4D’s shaders are all CPU-based and need certain information at render time. U-Render can automatically bake Cinema 4D’s shader into textures and transfers them to the real-time renderer. Effects that require render time information from the ray-tracer will be lost. There is a converter for Cinema 4D standard materials so that all common parameters are transferred to U-Render materials. Visit our Materials page for more.

What materials and shaders does U-RENDER support?

U-Render uses a physically-based rendering. We have implemented both specular/glossiness and metallic/roughness workflow as well as a hybrid handling of reflectance. Choose whatever fits your needs on a per-material basis. Visit our Materials page.

Requirements and Platforms

Will there be support for Houdini, Modo, 3dsmax, Maya?

A Maya plug-in is on our roadmap, and other applications will be supported in the future. Stay tuned here.

Will there be a macOS (Mac OSX) version?

U-Render is currently developed and optimized for Windows 10 using industry standard APIs like OpenGL. We are ourselves avid Mac users and passionate about the platform. We are actively working on bringing U-Render to macOS.

What versions of Cinema 4D are supported?

Cinema 4D R20 and newer versions are supported.

Does U-RENDER support AMD cards?

Yes! U-Render uses the OpenGL standard so all cards that support modern versions of OpenGL will be supported. We are actively testing the renderer against modern AMD and NVIDIA cards.


Why is U-Render introducing subscriptions?

The host applications supported by U-Render have already moved to subscription licensing. Selling perpetual licenses would put U-Render out of sync with the host application. Subscription licensing ensures we can always support our customers with the latest version to match their host application.

What is the price of a U-Render subscription?

The annual subscription price is EUR 249 / per year, excl. VAT (equivalent to EUR 20,75/month for 12 months). Billed annually.

How do I renew my subscription if it does not renew automatically?

If your license expires after one year of purchase, we recommend renewing the subscription before the expiration date. If you decide to renew, your subscription will be extended for another year from the previous license expiration date.
However, you can also opt for automatic renewal. Just add your credit card details to your account.

How can I cancel my U-Render subscription?

U-Render subscription is valid for one year and will automatically be renewed for a further year. The subscription can be canceled at any time during the year for the following year, but not later than 10 days before the subscription expiration date.

Do I have the opportunity to test U-Render before I subscribe?

Yes, U-Render offers a free, fully functioning, trial license. We encourage users to use the free trial to ensure their satisfaction before purchasing.

Does U-Render support 2 concurrent activations?

U-Render activation keys have always supported 2 concurrent device activations. This is not available in version 2022.4, this is not a change of company policy but is a technical issue we are trying to remedy. The activation keys can be activated and released as always, but currently only on one device at a time. We hope to remedy this issue soon and be able to support 2 concurrent device activations again. We apologize for the inconvenience while we try and remedy this issue.

Does U-Render support students and educational institutions?

U-Render is committed to training future professionals. We are currently working on an EDU program that we will launch later this year. However, if you are a student or your educational institution would like to use U-Render already, please contact us at edu@u-render.com.

If I don’t convert to a subscription, what happens when my Annual Maintenance Agreement expires?

When your Annual Maintenance Agreement expires, your U-Render license would be limited to the last version published before your maintenance expires. After the Maintenance expires, you would no longer have access to the latest builds of U-Render. You would, however, be able to subscribe at any time.

I have a valid Annual Maintenance Agreement that extends beyond April 25th, 2022 – what happens to me?

If your Annual Maintenance Agreement extends beyond April 25th 2022, you’ll continue to have access to all U-Render builds released until your existing maintenance expires. You will have the ability to add new subscription licenses at any time.

But I just purchased a U-Render license!

Don’t worry, your recent purchase included one year of maintenance. You will have access to all the latest builds of U-Render until the one-year anniversary of your purchase. At any time, you will have the option to purchase a 1-year subscription to gain all subscriber benefits.

What happens when my U-Render subscription expires?

When your U-Render subscription expires, you will no longer be able to use the software. If you want to continue to use U-Render without interruption, allow your subscription to renew on time at our web shop or with your local reseller.

Will U-Render perpetual licensing still be available?

After April 25th, 2022 perpetual licenses of U-Render will no longer be available for sale.

How do I access my U-Render subscription after I purchase it?

You will receive your subscription activation code by email. This is entered into the U-Render interface to enable your subscription on that device. Your subscription can be released and reactivated on another device with your activation code.

How do I purchase a U-Render subscription?

U-Render subscriptions are available via the U-Render Online Shop or you can buy from one of your local distributors.