Renderer - Release Notes 2020.9.2

U-Render 2020.9.2 is now fully integrated into Cinema 4D. You no longer need to have the standalone renderer running. With the full integration of U-Render into Cinema 4D you can now show the live rendering in the Cinema 4D viewport.

This version also adds RGB curves to the color correction post processing filter.

New Features

Post Effects

  • RGB curves have been added to the color correction post processing filter (1860)

Changes & Improvements


  • Screen-space reflections now show specular and environment reflections on reflected objects (1838)


  • Shadow colors can now be enabled to affect volumetric shadows as well (1455)
  • Fixed black artefacts when the volumetric clipping plane was smaller than the camera’s near plane (1705)


  • Clear-coat’s glossiness/roughness texture blend mode did not work properly (1854)
  • Clear-coat’s environment reflection was missing when the reflectance channel was disabled (1855)