Renderer - Release Notes 2019.12.03

U-RENDER 2019.12 introduces an improved material converter that now can convert U-RENDER materials back into Cinema 4D materials.


  • The new material converter allows users to switch back to other renderers more easily, improving the pipeline integration of U-RENDER.
  • This release also adds the choice of texture sampling method for all material texture. Point, linear, bilinear and anisotropic are supported.
  • This release introduces translations for Japanese in the Cinema 4D Plug-in.
  • Additional changes improve performance and correctness.

New Features

  • Added sampling method for material textures. Point, Linear, Bilinear and Anisotropic are supported. (1375)

Changes & Improvements

  • Improved image and texture handing. (1542)
  • Fixed contrast behavior in displacement channel (1555)
  • Non-default phase values for a single cube Volume Object resulted in artifacts (1574)
  • Combining film offset with overscan did not work (1578)
  • Activating ambient occlusion multi-pass caused issues with the RGBA pass (1580)
  • Various fixes and improvements (1552, 1554)
  • Render time display in the status bar did not show the actual render time (1606)