Renderer - Release Notes 2019.05.01 Beta

2019.05.01 improves stability and correctness.

Major improvements focus on better multi-lingual support and scene parsing.

With enhanced Unicode support for characters outside the Basic Multilingual Plane (BMP) issues with certain Cyrillic, Chinese, Korean and Japanese characters in file paths should be fixed.

Changes & Improvements

  • [1252] Enhanced Multi-language support with Unicode support outside the Basic Multilingual Plane
  • [1251, 1280] Improved handling of image gamma when loading textures
  • [1261] Renderer restores its last used window position
  • [1275] Improved ID handling for scenes to combat certain synchronization problems.


  • [1264] fixed an issue where a motion blurred instance could disappear in the last frame of a sequence
  • [1286] fixed a possible memory leak with animated mesh deformations
  • [1303] displacements stopped working when transparency was enabled