Renderer - Release Notes 2019.03.01 Beta

Please update the Cinema 4D plug-in to 2019.03.01 as well! Older plug-in versions will not work.

Changes & Improvements

  • various internal improvements [1155, 1212]


  • [1210] Motion blur now works better with transparent objects.
  • [1214] Fixed Screenspace Reflection flickering that occured in certain situations.
  • [1224] Fixed black rendering artefacts on transparent objects that have malformed geometry.
  • [1226] Fixed bad viewport culling that happened with orthographic cameras that used film offset.
  • [1233] Infinite light disappeared from rendering when its shadows were enabled.
  • [1236] Fixed an error where Ground Truth Ambient Occlusion did not work with transparent objects.
  • [1240] Activation/Deactivation of light sources in scenes with more lights could result in shadow artefacts.