Renderer - Release Notes 2018.04.04 Beta 1

New & Improved Features

SSRR - Screen Space Ray-Traced Reflections

We fixed a couple of artefacts with screen space reflections. They should work more reliably now. As the are screen space ray-traced the usual limitations still apply. For example, you cannot look behind objects or reflect something that is off-screen. These results in “gaps” in the reflections.

Screen Space Reflections now take glossiness/roughness into account. There are limitations with object borders though, especially where the environment is reflected instead of other objects.


Explicit Switch between Metallic and Specular Workflows

We reworked the material system to fit established workflows like metallic/roughness and specular/glossiness. You can select your workflow on a per-material basis, allowing to mix both metallic and specular material workflows within a scene. We also have a Hybrid mode that allows to use a metallic map in conjunction with a specular color map (instead of fetching the color from the base color). This adds more control over specular color in a metallic like workflow.

Further Fixes & Improvements

  • [1020] - Improved Cinema 4D Integration
  • [1028] - Fixed bug where render instances were not parsed correctly
  • [1034] - improved Multi-Pass rendering results after changes to the rendering workflow
  • [1032] - Single sided area lights are no longer visible from the back
  • [1036] - New “Create Material” command to quickly create a U-RENDER Material