U-RENDER for Cinema 4D - Release Notes 2021.1.3

Release 2021.1.3 focuses on quality of life improvements for the Cinema 4D integration. Notable new features are better default values for render settings, materials and lights.

  • We have added a special U-Render layout to accelerate look development.
  • New smart material presets come with ready to use material types that can be adjusted quickly. These smart presets reduce the number of parameters that need to be tweaked. Smart presets can be converted to a full advanced material at any time to allow access to all material features.
  • We have added shortcuts to quickly create lights with attached U-Render tags. The lights have now improved default values.
  • We made improvements to the default render settings. They reduce the steps necessary to achieve a better looking render result.
  • We have made many smaller improvements and fixes to correctness that should improve the overall workflow with U-Render.


Changes & Improvements

  • Fixed an issue where volumetrics brightened screen space reflections (TACH-1980)
  • GPU shaders are now compiled in parallel which reduces starting time of the renderer (TACH-2055)

Cinema 4D Plug-in

New Features

  • Material previews are rendered even when live mode is on (TACH-1952)
  • Improved UI text and default values for render settings (TACH-2019, TACH-2083)
  • Improved default values for materials
  • Improved default values for lights (TACH-2171)
  • Improved default values for camera tag (TACH-2082)
  • Added a custom U-Render layout for a streamlined workflow
  • Added smart presets for different material types (gold, glass, glossy plastic, metallic paint, rough metal, chrome, dark rubber)
  • Added shortcut commands to create light sources with U-Render tags already attached
  • Added support for Viewport Solo in live mode (TACH-2057)
  • Added an object / instance color render pass as experimental feature (TACH-2056)
  • Applying a U-Render material to a selection now creates a selection tag (TACH-2015)

Changes & Improvements

  • Materials are now correctly assigned when switching the material preview scene (TACH-1989)
  • Fixed a potential hang up when switching the integrated renderer on and off quickly (TACH-2046)
  • The material converter now supports undo. (TACH-2010)
  • Changed render settings only updated in the live view after the left mouse button was released (TACH-1996)
  • Live view now updates immediately when the “Frame Selected Elements” is used (TACH-1987)
  • Creating a U-Render material did not automatically select in in the Material Manager (TACH-2093)
  • Moved Material ID from the left column to its own channel (TACH-2101)
  • Fixed an issue where live mode temporarily showed outdated content on start (TACH-2091)
  • Fixed an issue where live mode went out of sync with updates that caused flickering as the update was not ready for the viewport update (TACH-2170)
  • Fixed update issues of Boole generator in live mode (TACH-2140)
  • Fixed update issues with modelling updates like extrude (TACH-2137)
  • Fixed an issue with Sweep object growth that sometimes rendered geometry even though growth was set to zero (TACH-2114)
  • Fixed an issue with updated of the Connect generator (TACH-2011)
  • Mesh under a subdivision object will disappear when a material tag on a polygon selection is deleted (TACH-2164)
  • Improved the status display what the renderer is doing in live mode (TACH-2165)
  • Applying several U-Render materials to an object now stacks them just like standard Cinema 4D materials. Previously they overwrote the assignment when using Shift-LMB. (TACH-2096)
  • Improved update performance for objects with high polygon counts, especially when used with instances (TACH-2120)