Cinema 4D Plug-in - Release Notes 2020.6.4

In U-RENDER 2020.6.4 we introduce a major new feature with real-time subsurface scattering.

With the newly introduced subsurface scattering and translucency properties for U-Render’s physically based materials, you can now create believable materials like skin, marble, milk and many more organic materials.

New Features

  • Introducing Subsurface Scattering and Translucency (1728)

Changes & Improvements

  • Fog post effect now works correctly with height falloff. Moved the fog settings to the Environment render settings. Fog is no longer experimental. (1719)
  • Changing a primitive‚Äôs parameters (e.g. cube size) using the viewport handles did not update in the renderer (1763)
  • UVs: Camera projection UV type did not work (1767)
  • Light Tag: moved subsurface scale into shadows group (1768)