Cinema 4D Plug-in - Release Notes 2019.12.03

U-RENDER 2019.12 introduces an improved material converter that now can convert U-RENDER materials back into Cinema 4D materials.


  • The new material converter allows users to switch back to other renderers more easily, improving the pipeline integration of U-RENDER.
  • This release also adds the choice of texture sampling method for all material texture. Point, linear, bilinear and anisotropic are supported.
  • This release introduces translations for Japanese in the Cinema 4D Plug-in.
  • Additional changes improve performance and correctness.

New Features

  • U-RENDER to Cinema 4D Material converter (649)
  • Japanese Language support for the user interface (1613)
  • Added Strength slider for emissive material properties to allow the brightness only affect the color but not the overall emission - strength. The strength now also affects the emissive texture. (1618, 1620)

Changes & Improvements

  • Performance improvements for scene parsing (1586)
  • parametric objects where parsed even though they did not change - especially with unsaved scenes - which resulted in severe - performance degradation (1587, 1590)
  • Material displacement affected performance even though the global render setting had displacement disabled (1584)
  • fixed an issue, where material preview rendering caused an issue with the scene rendered in the picture viewer (1591)
  • Fixed an issue where the standalone renderer was not detected to be running by the Cinema 4D Plug-in (1610)