Cinema 4D Plug-in - Release Notes 2019.06.02 Beta

2019.06 major new feature is the support for 360° spherical camera rendering. In addition there are improvements to the physically based materials, overscan rendering and dashboard improvements for Live Mode. This release also includes a number of improvements in correctness and stability.


  • Introducing 360° Spherical Camera Rendering
  • Improved physically based materials: Clear Coat now supports its own normal map layer
  • Improved Live Mode Dashboard: Added Controls for Live Mode Render Resolution
  • Introducing: Overscan Rendering

360° Spherical Camera Rendering

  • Create Videos for Dome Projections and Planetariums
  • Create Immersive Experiences for Events and Shows
  • Stand out with 360° Images and Videos on Social Media (Facebook and Youtube)
  • Create Environment Maps for your Projects

Limitations of Spherical Rendering

  • Most screenspace effects show discontinuities between rendering fragments. This can large be mitigated by using overscan rendering.
  • GTAO ambient occlusion is extremely dependent on the viewspace and does not work with spherical rendering. Use SSAO instead.

Clear Coat Improvements

Separate normal maps for the clear coat layer allow for

  • enhanced details in car paints - use separate normal maps for metal flakes and coating
  • use the clear coat to quickly create effects like water droplets
  • use different surface normal properties for base and clear coat layers

Dashboard Improvements

The Dashboard now allows you to control your Live mode render resolution

  • use the viewport resolution (identical to the current behaviour)
  • use the render settings output resolution
  • use a custom resolution

The percentage setting allows additional quick control over the resolution.

Overscan Rendering

Render additional image information outside the visible frame to improve screen space effects like:

  • screen space reflections
  • ambient occlusion
  • refraction of transparent object at image borders
  • bloom

Cinema 4D Plug-In

New Features

  • 1330 - Improved Dashboard with control over render resolution
  • 1268 - Resend button for Dashboard


  • 1302 - in certain situations, baked Cinema 4D shaders are not synced properly in Live Mode
  • 1304 - Dashboard dialog is very small when opened for the first time