Cinema 4D Plug-in - Release Notes 2019.05.01 Beta

2019.05.01 improves stability and correctness.

Major improvements focus on better multi-lingual support and scene parsing.

With enhanced Unicode support for characters outside the Basic Multilingual Plane (BMP) issues with certain Cyrillic, Chinese, Korean and Japanese characters in file paths should be fixed.

Changes & Improvements

  • [1306] Improved scene parsing for Connect object. Material assignments and animations (deformers, baked simulations) had issues in certain situations.
  • [1301] Dashboard settings are no longer stored in a hidden “DashboardSettingsObj” object
  • [1311] Fixed some scene parsing issues with cached dynamics that caused objects to disappear during a second render pass.


  • [1270, 1282] Multipass Rendering: The RGBA pass was active by default and was toggled to inactive when changing other passes.
  • [1287] Multipass Rendering: Increasing the render resolution resulted in incomplete multipass render results.
  • [1297] Restarting U-RENDER during Live Mode could result in a crash due to synchronization issues