Cinema 4D Plug-in - Release Notes 2019.03.01 Beta

New Features

2019.03 introduces major improvements for Live Mode. At the center of the improvements lies the U-RENDER Dashboard that provides granular control over how scene data is updated for rendering.

U-RENDER Dashboard

You can separately enable updates for:

  • Transforms (object positions, orientation and scale)
  • Camera updates
  • Light updates
  • Material updates
  • Geometry updates (object deformations, newly created geometry)
  • Instance updates
  • Render settings

Make sure to check out the new Dashboard. We recommend that you dock the Dashboard in your default layout so that you have immediate access to it.

Note for R20 users: Please make sure you have version 20.057 of Cinema 4D R20 installed. The plug-in will not work with older version of R20.

Please Update the renderer to 2019.03.01 as well! Older renderer versions will not work.

Changes & Improvements

  • [1193] Multi-Frame Samples can now adjusted in single steps instead of “power of two”. This is more intuitive and allows finer control over sample count, image quality and render time.
  • [1212] Improvements to scene parsing for Live Mode.
  • [1228] Improved Layer visibility support.
  • [1216] additional internal improvements.
  • [1242] Live Mode: Objects with several material tags caused material updates during UNDO operations for all materials even though they are not affecting the object. This could cause noticeable slowdowns in certain situations.


  • [1217] Removed background tone mapping option from Render Settings (it no longer had an effect).
  • [1220] Live Mode crashed when moving instance / multi instance objects.
  • [1222] Material UI: Limited subdivision level of displacements to 64. Larger values had no effect.
  • [1225] Live Mode: when activating live mode with an animated camera that has been changed but not keyframed yet, the modified position was not used but the old keyframed position was transferred.
  • [1229] Fixed an error with Multi-pass rendering that resulted in “Oops, there was an error” image.
  • [1230] Fixed an error with Multi-pass object buffers that resulted in empty passes when the object had no material assigned and fixed an empty “Object Buffer 0”.
  • [1231] Live Mode: Environment Maps still were used for rendering after they were removed from the render settings.
  • [1232] Live Mode: activating and deactivating diffuse IBL did not update properly.
  • [1235] Switching to a scene with U-RENDER materials that bake Cinema 4D shaders froze Cinema 4D.
  • [1237] Live Mode: subdivision surface objects had sync issues when subdivision settings for editor and renderer were set differently.
  • [1238] Live Mode: Materials disappeared when selecting objects.
  • [1239] Material previews where rendered in linear color space when render settings were set to 32-bit linear output format and the gamma set to use the output gamma.
  • [1241] Live Mode: Transformation changes within instanced hierarchies did not update.
  • [1249] Material Editor preview image did not update properly when changing preview scene preset.
  • [1250] Live Mode: Fixed disappearing multi-instances when instance syncing was disabled.