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Limitations of Previews

Please be aware that preview versions come with limitations, known issues, and are not ready for production use. The main goal with preview versions is to give users early access to new features that are in development, and to gather feedback.

  • Features might still change until a stable release. Certain aspects could also be removed.
  • Features might have limitations and known issues.
  • Support for preview versions other than feedback will not be available.
  • Documentation for new features might not be available.
  • Language support other than for English might not be available.
  • Older preview versions will not be available for download.
  • A release note history will not be available for preview versions.

What’s New in U-RENDER 2020.7.6

U-Render 2020.7.6 is a major update that brings full integration of the real-time renderer into Cinema 4D. You no longer need the standalone renderer. It is still available as an option though.

With the full integration of U-Render into Cinema 4D you can now show the live rendering in the Cinema 4D viewport.

Other Changes & Improvements

  • [Lights] Activating single sided option on area light deactivated subsurface translucency (1821)
  • [Materials] Bump channel was sometimes enabled on newly created materials (1809)

U-RENDER Standalone (Preview)

U-Render Installer2020.7.6

Cinema 4D Plug-in (Preview)

R162020.7.6 R172020.7.6 R182020.7.6
R192020.7.6 R202020.7.6 R212020.7.6

  • Make sure you install the plug-in matching your Cinema 4D version!
  • Please use the latest available service release of Cinema 4D. The plug-in might not load with earlier Cinema 4D revisions due to SDK changes.

Please Note

  • Download both the current U-RENDER Installer and the Cinema 4D Plug-in! You need both to use U-RENDER.
  • Please refer to the documentation for instructions on how to install U-RENDER or watch the .
  • Check the System Requirements for details about supported hardware, operating system and Cinema 4D versions.
  • See the Release Notes for details about changes in the latest releases.
  • All downloads are provided in accordance with the End User License Agreement.

U-RENDER requires a License to Work

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