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Cinema 4D Plug-in

R162019.12.03 R172019.12.03 R182019.12.03
R192019.12.03 R202019.12.03 R212019.12.03

  • Make sure you install the plug-in matching your Cinema 4D version!
  • Please use the latest available service release of Cinema 4D. The plug-in might not load with earlier revisions.

U-RENDER requires a License to Work

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Please note:

  • Download both the current U-RENDER Installer and the Cinema 4D Plug-in! You need both to use U-RENDER.
  • Please refer to the documentation for instructions on how to install U-RENDER or watch the Installation Guide Video.
  • Check the System Requirements for details about supported hardware, operating system and Cinema 4D versions.
  • See the Release Notes for details about changes in the latest releases.
  • All downloads are provided in accordance with the End User License Agreement.

Additional Downloads

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