End of Public Beta on 16. December 2018

As U-RENDER is entering its Early Access phase we are closing the registration for the public beta on 16. December 2018. We thank all our beta testers for their feedback and suggestions!
U-RENDER will be available for purchase in Early Access starting 17. December 2018. Please visit Early Access for more details about U-RENDER Early Access pricing and licensing details.

Beta Version

We are running a public beta test until 16. December 2018 that allows you to get a free license to test U-RENDER for a limited time.

How the Beta works

  • Once you signed up for the beta, you will receive an email with details about how to download the beta and its documentation.
  • We will send you an individual 90-day license to unlock the beta and remove the watermark. Please allow a couple of business days for the license to arrive.
  • We encourage you to join our community forums for all discussions related to the beta and for support. The forums will be our main focus in supporting the beta.

We are still a small team so please allow us some time to respond. The beta is as much about testing U-RENDER as well as us getting into the groove to provide consistent support. We are just embarking on this journey of high-quality real-time rendering.

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