Lighting With Ease

Paint with Light, in Real-time. Look Development as it's Meant to Be.
There shall be light. U-RENDER supports a range of light, falloff and shadow types to give you full control over your look. Shadow types and parameters allow to fine-tune your look and optimize for performance.

Light Types

U-RENDER supports a range of different light types with control of light color and separate specular and diffuse contribution. Choose from spotlights, point lights, infinite (directional) lights and area lights. Each light type supports different shadow and falloff types.

Image Based Lighting

Image based lighting (IBL) allows you to use an HDR environment map to quickly add ambient light to your scene. This creates a rich, colorful mood with little impact on rendering performance.

Shadow Types

U-RENDER supports real-time shadow maps on all light types. Choose between hard and soft shadows with control over shadow map resolution and shadow color.

Falloff Types

Control of lights is essential in creating beautiful images. U-RENDER supports a wide range of falloff types. Use no falloff for distant light sources like the sun or inverse-square for physically accurate falloff. Or choose a linear of step falloff.


Rendering in high dynamic range is essential to get great results. At some point you need to compress it down though. U-RENDER provides several methods to handle those highlights with Linear, Exponential and Reinhard tone mapping.