Post Processing Effects

Finish your Image in the Renderer. In Real-time.

When the image is rendered within milliseconds, going to a compositing tool for post processing does not make sense.

We integrated a range of real-time post image post processing effects to accelerate look development and creative experimentation. From bloom to vignette and chromatic aberration you find a range of options to tweak the render result to your liking.


Add some credibility to those bright specular highlights and emissive materials by adding some bloom. Quickly change it from nuanced to full neon city. The choice is your’s.


Adding a vignette is one of the last finishing touches in compositing. Why wait until this late in the process? Get your image to this final state while you are still working on the lighting in real-time.

Chromatic Aberration

There are days that call for subtlety and then there are those that call for all effects to go the max. We have got you covered, and you can dial back chromatic aberration anyways.

Ambient Occlusion

Ambient occlusion is an essential to add soft contact shadows for more realistic lighting. U-RENDER uses screen-space ambient occlusion that can be adjusted in real-time.

Depth of Field

Depth of field is an important artistic tool and being able to make adjustments in real-time takes it to a new level. Once you are used to it, you cannot go back to any other way of working.

Tone Mapping

Rendering in high dynamic range is essential to get great results. At some point you need to compress it down though. U-RENDER provides several methods to handle those highlights with Linear, Exponential and Reinhard tone mapping.