The Stage is Yours.

Quickly stage your scene using flexible camera types.

Use regular perspective cameras, parallel (orthogonal) cameras and even 360° spherical cameras to render your scenes in real-time.

Frame your picture and make it pop using real-time Depth of Field and Vignette effects.

Camera Types

When a perspective view is just not enough. U-RENDER supports spherical cameras with equi-rectangular and skybox rendering and
parallel (orthogonal) cameras. Render glorious top- and side-views as well as isometric perspectives of your scenes.

360° Spherical Camera

With real-time 360° spherical rendering you can dramatically cut your render times for immersive videos for dome projections, planetariums and social media. Furthermore, use 360° rendering to create your own HDR environment maps.

Depth of Field

Depth of field (DOF) is an important artistic tool and being able to make adjustments in real-time takes it to a new level. Once you are used to it, you cannot go back to any other way of working.