Realtime Rendering Features

My God, it's Full of Stars

Really Real-time Rendering

All the Speed of a Game Engine, None of the Hassles

Move faster than ever before. With Live Mode rendering all changes are synchronized to the renderer immediately. This enables you to move at the speed of thought.

Carry your setup through to compositing. U-RENDER fully integrates in your rendering pipeline. With support for multi-pass rendering you have all the power of post production at your fingertips. All while rendering your frames within seconds.

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Automotive Real-time Rendering

Physically Based Rendering (PBR)

Realtime Physical Based Rendering (PBR)

Fully Integrated, Blazingly Fast

U-RENDER brings the blazingly fast real-time rendering technology from video games to your favorite DCC application. It’s seamless integration eliminates the need for cumbersome data conversion and optimization.

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Powerful Materials for 3D Design

Physically Based, Easy to Control.

U-RENDER’s physically based lights and materials allow full creative control with only a few parameters to create realistic surfaces. Building on established industry best practices, U-RENDER’s material system allows to use a wide range of readily available material and texture libraries based on PBR principles.

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Physically Based Materials

Lighting Rendering Features

Lighting with Ease

Paint with Light, in Real-time.

There shall be light. U-RENDER supports a range of light, falloff and shadow types to give you full control over your look. Shadow types and parameters allow to fine-tune your look and optimize for performance.

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Volumetric Rendering

Real-time Haze, Fog and Participating Media

Dedicated Volume Objects allow for easy control over placement and properties of volumes. Lights have individual settings for volumetric light contribution and shadow behavior. Volumes themselves can be self-shadowing and cast shadows into the scene on a light by light basis.

Animated, procedural 3D noises and gradients allow for full creative control over the appearance of volumes.

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Real-time Volumetric Rendering

Realtime Post Processing Effects

Real-time Post Processing Effects

Finish your Image in the Renderer. In Real-time.

When the image is rendered within milliseconds, going to a compositing tool for post processing does not make sense.

We integrated a range of real-time post image post processing effects to accelerate look development and creative experimentation. From bloom to vignette and chromatic aberration you find a range of options to tweak the render result to your liking.

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Tight Cinema 4D Integration

Tightly integrated. No Data Pipeline required.

U-RENDER integrates blazingly fast real-time rendering into Cinema 4D. Accelerate your creative flow using real-time rendering while using the familiar rendering pipeline of Cinema 4D.

Boost your productivity using the Live rendering mode and see changes immediately. All from within Cinema 4D.

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Cinema 4D Realtime Rendering Integration