Models & Assets

Cinema 4d Example Scenes

Enjoy ready-to-use scenes for real-time rendering

Quick Start Guide

Download this scene to follow our Quick Start Guide and start to enjoy the advantages of real-time rendering (C4D R20 and newer).

Cute Dragon

Use this cute dragon for U-Render Fundamentals to get started in real-time rendering (C4D R20 and newer).


A million-year travel to the very essence of real-time rendering! Download it to extract the DNA of U-Render (C4D R20 and newer).

Cloudy Mountains

Have fun with U-RENDER’s Volumetrics with this landscape and volumetric clouds (C4D R20 and newer).

Mixamo Control Rig

Love Mixamo Characters? Use this walk-cycle to test the Mixamo control rig (C4D R21 and newer).

Volumentric Rings

Volumetrics addicted? Try this scene with rotating rings and volumetric god rays (C4D R20 and newer).


Cute is never too much. Get this tiger sample scene and start making your renders roar with U-Render (C4D R20 and newer).

Dabbing unicorn

May the unicorn magic be with you through this nice example scene to download! Fast & Fun (C4D R20 and newer).


Download this example scene with model specific surfaces that show the huge possibilities of U-Render’s materials.

Happy Santa

Enjoy the Christmas Spirit all year. Model courtesy of Yan Ge
(C4D R20 and newer).


Start Immediately to have Fun with U-RENDER

Bokeh Textures

We love Bokeh! Do you too? Here is a set of 16 shapes for you to use with the depth of field effect.

C4D Lighting presets

A Cinema 4D lib4d with 9 HDRI environments and 9 lighting presets to get you up and running right now.

Photogrammetry rocks

Get 4 scanned rock models with textures for diffuse, glossiness, normal, bump and displacement.

Example HDR

These 10 sample HDR images will get you started with nice reflections and image based lighting.

C4D Material Library

Choose among 60 materials for your scenes and stunning surfaces. Save time and have fun with real-time.


Download this free 3D model and add the assets you like to create your next stunning underwater scene.

Asset Library

Choose the asset you like from our asset library, extremely useful in projects with diverse and ready-to-use components.