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Add another 12 Months of Updates to your U-RENDER license.

Upgrade (Single User)

120net + taxes
  • Adds 12 Months to your Maintenance Period
  • Includes Updates for U-RENDER and the Cinema 4D Plug-in
  • Requires an active single user node locked license!
  • Node Locked License (One-time Online Activation)

U-RENDER is available for purchase through our online store which is provided by FastSpring. All purchases are final, without refund. You can evaluate U-RENDER first by requesting a free trial version! Licenses of U-RENDER sold in accordance with the End User License Agreement. Please review the EULA and System Requirements before purchase.

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Important Ordering Information

When ordering an Upgrade, you will not receive a new license. We will extend the support period on your existing license. Please provide the last 8 digits of your activation key during checkout so that we can make those changes to the desired license.

Please allow us 2-3 business days to extend your maintenance period. You will receive an email from us once we will have extended your license. You will then need to reactivate your license so that the extended maintenance period will take effect on your computer.

Maintenance Period

The upgrade will extend your maintenance period for another 12 months - starting at the end of your existing maintenance period. All new versions of U-RENDER that will be released within that 12 months are covered by the extended maintenance period.

You can continue to use U-RENDER for an indefinite time after the maintenance period ends. New versions released after your maintenance period ends will not work with your license though. You will need to buy another upgrade for your license to be able to use newer version then.


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